Why A Website Is A Must For Your Side Hustle

February 8, 2022

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Why A Website Is Necessary For Any Side Hustle No Matter The Size, Shape of Form

Today a website is a necessity for any business, especially side hustles. Since consumer behavior is heavily online from research to purchase, skipping out on building a website for your side hustle could be leaving money on the table. Especially for local businesses. And side hustles are not exceptions.

No matter if you are a full-time entrepreneur or not, your side hustle needs its own corner of the internet to achieve one main goal; to sell your products or services. This is a lower-cost method to bring your business to the next level. Today this can be the main, if not only, driver of gaining additional leads.

your website sells your business for you

Your website’s number one goal is to sell your products and services. A website can be fun, personal, chuck full of branding and experience. However, the entire and sole purpose of your website is to sell. And as a side hustler, this is even more important. Your website’s job is to work when you’re off the clock or you’re clocked in somewhere else is a needle mover. For some of us, this can be THE needle mover.

Selling yourself, your products and services do come with the territory of being a business owner. However, if you operate a side hustle, you know the time to do all of this is limited, not to mention the energy. That’s where having a website pays off. Instead, your goal is to promote your website and let it do the magic.

easy and organized lead capture

If your main method of promoting your side hustle is through social media, you should consider a website even more. Social media should be reserved for social engagement only. Especially when it comes to lead capture and conducting business. You can promote your business on social media, but it’s important you can then drive them to a platform you own rather than to a messenger or DM inbox.

Your website allows you to capture leads in a more organized fashion. This also sets you up for success to become organized yourself, responding orderly to any and all leads. Plus capturing leads through your website versus social media saves you an incredible amount of time. You can prompt your leads, having them answer guided questions while inquiring with you, such as project budget, vision, etc. Having the answers to these questions even before your first conversation can save you more time than having a conversation on social media.

makes you and your business searchable

A website makes your side hustle searchable for any potential lead or client. This means by having a website you can be found by the masses instead of relying on word of mouth or social media. Being searchable for local businesses is even more important. According to Hubspot, 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. Your website’s information and messaging allow search engines like Google to understand where you’re located and what you do and it places your website in front of consumers searching for related items.

There are a few methods to boost your search ability even more. Blogging, descriptive keywords and linking your site to a Google Business account can help your website get discovered quicker and by the right audience.

set client EXPECTATION

A website can be a great way to proactively set the stage for client expectations. Similar to selling your products and services, outlining what it looks like to work with you is a huge benefit that a website can do for your side hustle. Having a website educate any potential clients on your field and what their experience will be when they take the next steps, is an invaluable method for gaining new leads. Not to mention, this is also a passive method, saving side hustlers time and energy.

control branding and messaging

Your website is the central hub for your business. There you get to control the look, feel and the first impression that your business gives any visitor. This can be thought of as a storefront to your business. Having a platform that you own and that can control these factors is reason enough to start working on your side hustle’s website right away!

established CREDIBILITY

As a business owner, especially as a side hustler, you want to establish credibility within your company and confidently educate others on why investing with you is a smart decision. A website is a powerful tool in making you look, feel and be legit. Have a website that visitors can go to create a layer of professionalism and makes you appear serious about your business, which in turn, will make others serious about it as well.

Build a Stunning website yourself

Having a website for your side hustle is a must. It’s your most important platform that you own, can control how it looks and feels and it is designed to be your lean mean selling machine so you don’t have to. But building your website doesn’t need to be complicated or feel like rocket science.

You don’t need to be a designer, developer or web coder to build a stunning state that converts traffic into clients. I’ve built dozens of websites myself over my 8 years of entrepreneurship and have streamlined the processing time and time again.

This free course teaches you directly inside your inbox, and makes it as easy as possible, giving you the basics of what you need to know to build a strategy site. I guide you through the steps of building a beautiful website on your own from domain purchase to launch. Sign up today and see where you are in just one week’s time!

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