The Ultimate Brainstorming Supply List For Creative Entrepreneurs

March 22, 2022

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My 9 favorite Amazon Brainstorming Items For Entrepreneurs To Out Your Next Big Idea

If you’re an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, you know that creative thinking is critical for your business. Developing your next idea, mapping out your workflows, and putting everything in your head, down on paper is where the magic happens. But this isn’t always easy. As a business owner, you’re often juggling many things at once. And you’re often alone when it comes to creative decisions within your business. This is why having true brainstorming sessions is so important. Below is my ultimate Amazon brainstorming shopping list for entrepreneurs to help make the most out of your creative sessions!

Tailoring Your Brainstorming Sessions To You

As a creative entrepreneur, it’s important to understand that brainstorming isn’t just available for you in your free time. Brainstorming also is not an activity to do when you just want to think outside the box. We need to normalize brainstorming as something we practice within our business on a regular basis. After all, staying creative and thinking outside the box should be a part of our standard work as creative entrepreneurs.

It’s important that you host brainstorming sessions for yourself on a regular basis. This is beneficial for so many reasons. Most importantly, it keeps you creatively engaged on what you are working towards and can help assist you with making the right moves to get it. It’s also important that your brainstorming sessions are truly unique to you. Not all brainstorming sessions are made the same for entrepreneurs. Depending on your personality and how you get your creative juices flowing, will depend on your brainstorming session style.

Below are my favorite 9 products from Amazon that I have used for my brainstorming sessions. I truly love each of these products and they’ve helped me build Amy Schmidt Company. From my walls being covered in sticky notes to me spread out on the floor jamming out to music and sketching; these products truly help me creatively and strategically run my business.

01. Giant Post-It Pads

These giant Post-It Pads are my most used brainstorming tool. I lay them out on the floor, put on my music, my good-luck yoga pants, grab my markers and bring my thoughts to paper. These Post-It Pads truly help me bring an idea to a full circle plan. Plus they pull off and stick directly to walls, perfect for the office! And when you’re done with a particular note, you can roll it up and store it for later.

You get a ton of sticky notes for the price and of course free shipping with Amazon Prime. These pads also have handles on top for hanging and/or carrying. Use them in your next brainstorming session to visually map out your next big idea!

02. Variety Pack of Large Sharpies

And to pair perfectly with the giant Post-It pads above, check out this variety pack of large Sharpies. What is truly better than a fresh pack of Sharpies?! This 8-pack of markers all have a large chisel tip, perfect for larger pieces of paper and organizing your thoughts. Plus, you can color-code your brainstorming session to get even more organized!

03. Cube Timer

A timer can be perfect for your brainstorming session! The energy of a countdown is proven to get your creative juices flowing and make your brainstorming sessions more efficient. I use this cube timer for all of my brainstorming sessions to keep me on track and to let me know when it’s time for my next brainstorming module or to get to a stopping point. This timer is amazing because it has 4 faces for a 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute countdown so you can easily tailor your session to your needs.

04. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are another great tool for entrepreneurs to use in brainstorming sessions! I use these sticky notes to color code my thoughts and to cover my walls with ideas during my brainstorming sessions. Sticky notes are great to map out workflows, popcorn ideas, categories, and timelines! Apply them to the giant Post-It pads or directly to your walls! Use these sticky to jot down your ideas rather than including too much info.

05. Writting Pads

Writing pads are a great way to brainstorm on the go! If you have a meeting with a client, if you’re traveling or if you’re brainstorming on the fly this bulk pack of lined note pads is perfect to add to your Amazon cart! These pads are great for putting into any purse or laptop back. Plus they give your eyes a break from the screen! You can have brainstorming sessions on the go with these pads in additional effort for inspiration to strike! Take them to a coffee shop or to the park to have a perfect brainstorming session all your own.

06. Variety Pack of Felt Tip Markers

If the writing pads above are for you, then this variety pack of felt tip markers will be too! I use this 24-pack of marker pens to color code my ideas when I brainstorm on smaller pieces of paper and to have open think-tank times. For me, there is something that switches in my brain when I write with a marker pen rather than a pencil. I can think more creatively, I enjoy how it feels and I let my ideas run wild!

07. Index tabs

Index tabs are great for entrepreneurs brainstorming sessions. Literally keep tabs on your ideas, progress, revisit old ideas and organize it all. I use this giant pack of file taps for all of my notebooks to start and end my brainstorming sessions. These taps allow me to know where my brain left off during my creative thinking time. Plus, I use the color tabs to organize my thoughts further. For example, I always stick my green index tabs on pages where I brainstorm new products, courses or anything tied to direct income.

08. Camelbak water bottle

When entrepreneurs dive into brainstorming sessions, one thing is very important not to forget; hydration! Be sure to start each brainstorming session with a full water bottle and to take plenty of sips throughout your session. CamelBak water bottles like this one are my favorite because they are lightweight, don’t leak, and have a built-in straw. And I’m not sure how, but this water bottle somehow makes me feel more productive! Taking regular and micro sip breaks during your brainstorming session can also help move your body more, give your brain more oxygen and stimulate your creative thinking!

09. Bluetooth speaker

Music can be transformative for your brainstorming session! Whether you need to approach your creative thinking with smooth jazz, a softer playlist, or blast out to 90’s jams, music can truly stimulate your brain and take your ideas to new places! Which, isn’t that the point? I use this Bluetooth speaker to connect to my phone and place it in my office or my living room when I start my weekly brainstorming session. Of course what you’re brainstorming session’s goal is, may dictate the type of music you’re playing. However, any background can help eliminate the silent defining sound of idea-block.

how to get started brainstorming your next big idea

Brainstorming is such a powerful exercise for entrepreneurs. And it should be done regularly. It may seem like all of your brainstorming sessions are accomplished at the beginning while creating your business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should continue creative thinking and developing as your business grows. Plus, brainstorming sessions can be a fun and creative outlet for entrepreneurs!

If you’re ready to truly tailor your creative thinking sessions and create a signature brainstorming method, just for you, then let me help! Download my free brainstorming templates filled with blank workflows, charts, diagrams, funnel layouts and more to map out your next big idea! Being a business owner doesn’t mean that you need to be in your chair all day or glued to your desk. Stretch your legs, have some fun, exercise your brain and give your business the creative thinking it deserves!

Download my FREE Brainstorming Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs here and get started on your next big idea!

I'm Amy Schmidt

Hi there!

I'm a small business cheerleader, strategist, and course creator who loves seeing others earn income in unconventional ways. I started a cleaning business in college and have side hustled since, selling my latest part-time business for $151,000.


I'm Amy Schmidt, your new business strategist!

I'm a small business development and sales strategist who loves seeing others earn income in unconventional ways. I started a cleaning business in college and have side hustled since, selling my latest part-time business for $151,000

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