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February 18, 2022

attention go-getters Make Your Next Paycheck On The Side with my Side Hustler Starter Kit Check out the kit Ready to make more money than your 3% annual raise gives? Trust me, I was there too! College graduation gave me a corporate job and a full time salary. Which was amazing! But it also gave […]

I'm AMY!

Hello! I’m Amy and I love helping ambitious people turn their big ideas into sustainable and enriching side hustles. I'm also a blogger, podcaster, food photographer, niche strategist, and business coach.


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attention go-getters

Make Your
Next Paycheck
On The Side

with my Side Hustler Starter Kit

Check out the kit

Ready to make more money than your 3% annual raise gives?

Trust me, I was there too! College graduation gave me a corporate job and a full time salary. Which was amazing! But it also gave me couple dozen thousand dollars of debt. 

And the concept that my annual salary wasn’t going to significantly change anytime soon, hit me like a ton of breaks! I knew I had to make more money if I wanted to feed my dog, fill up my car with gas and chip away at my debt.

Enter the beginning of my side hustling career! Side hustles have given me the ability to self-determine my income, the security of multiple income streams and the freedom of entrepreneurship.

Think differently about hustles…

  • Side hustles provide multiple streams of income, thus giving you the ultimate form of job security in unforeseen times. And in mundane, happy times!
  • Side hustles can develop in any stage of entrepreneurship. You can be a seasoned business owner or new to the space and create a profitable, extra side of income.
  • Side hustles can become some of the most successful full time career because they are born from strategic growth rather than rush, pressure or stress.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created side hustles that have truly transformed my career, my life and my wallet.

That’s why I can’t wait to introduce you to my
Side Hustler Starter Kit!

If you’re ready to start deciding your take-home pay for yourself

you’re in the right place.

Creating strategic and profitable side hustles is what I’m all about. Second only to educating others on how to do the same. 

Don’t spend another day being frustrated by the need of more income. Additional income is wonderful to have, to save, to spend and to enjoy life with!

Long are the days over where side hustles are thought of as a cute way to earn a little extra cash on the side. Side hustles are lean, mean, money-making, life-transforming machines. So let’s get started building yours!

When you create a strategic side hustle…


to this:

Painfully setting aside hours on a Saturday morning, updating your resume when going paycheck to paycheck is no longer working.

Proactively creating more opportunities for money to come into your life and for you to be the deciding factor for how much moo-la does!

Day dreaming about being a business owner but believing the time to do so has long come and gone. It’s too late to pivot. 

Deciding that the only thing keeping you from being a business owner is yourself. You become a business owner and buy beautiful business cards for yourself! Hey- you deserve it!

Believing entrepreneurship, online careers or whatever it is you long to do is over saturated. On top of not doing what you want to do, you also stay in the mindset that it wouldn’t work anyway and you’re not special enough.

Giving your mindset the biggest workout of it’s life! You roll up your sleeves and dive into your side hustle! You allow yourself to be special and focus on the pure joy of creating the golden nugget. 

If you’re ready to go from one paycheck to multiple streams of income by doing something you’re passionate about but you need someone who’s been there done that to guide the way…

I created this kit for you!

6 workbooks that show you how to create a profitable and strategic side hustle that brings on the moo-la!

What my Side Hustle Starter Kit is all about

My signature Side Hustler Starter Kits gives you 6-downloadable workbooks that break down the entire creation phase of a side hustle. 

After reviewing and completing each workbook, you’ll…

  • Have a written business plan for your side hustle, understand the pricing of your products or services, who your audience is and how to strategical approach them.
  • Establish your side hustle’s complete branding, look, style and feel.
  • Walk away understanding exactly what to do next for your side hustle. Get know, like, used and loved resources for when you’re ready to invest into your business.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here’s how the kit breaks down…


Side Hustling Business Plan

28 pages to create a full-fledged business plan for your side hustle. Lay out how you will make money, how you will spend money and what to use to measure and track your progress.

Workbook Deets:

  • Pin point the problem & solution that your side hustle will focus on, evaluate your competitor’s and breakdown your products or services.
  • Understand how much it will cost to open and run your business and project your profit and break even points each quarter.
  • Create a side hustle work schedule that works for you and keep track of any outstanding tasks or to-do’s.


Pricing Worksheets

Confidently price your side hustle’s products and/or services that don’t leave you in the red when you start out. 

Workbook Deets:

  • Three calculated pricing formulas that you can use to price your side hustle depending on your business and product/service type.
  • Examples of each formula so you can easily follow along and implement for yourself!
  • Additional pricing tips to guide you on taxes tweaking your pricing formula when numbers seem too high or too low.


Branding Guide

11-page workbook for you to cultivate the complete branding for your side hustle. Understand how your business will look, feel, sound and what it will value most. 

Workbook Deets:

  • Identify your side hustle’s brand fonts and colors and understand the physiology behind the options you choose.
  • Define your side hustles brand values from my list of over 75 core beliefs and determine how you envision your brand placement.
  • Thorough checklist for branding your side hustle along with a free Canva brand guide board template, ready for you to customize!


Avatar Discovery Workbook

14-page workbook that walks you through understanding exactly who your ideal customer is and strategically how to get in front of them even more. 

Workbook Deets:

  • Intro for how to identify your dream client and why it’s important that your side hustle markets to them, rather than just anyone.
  • 23 questions that allow you to discover who your dream client is and how to get to know them even more.
  • Open ended strategy session that guides you through how to create an offer and get in front of your dream client even more.


Time Saving Strategies For New Leads

Save one of the most treasured commodities for side hustles; time! Learn how to gain new leads in more effective ways!

Workbook Deets:

  • 5 tried and true strategies for gaining new leads that can become streamlined and self sustaining! Not to mention…profitable.
  • Brainstorming expansion ideas for each strategy that will lead you to crafting your next big move.
  • Open ended strategy plan for gaining new leads moving forward.

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Business Resource Directory

Over 40 trusted, used and loved business resources and the details for why, when and if you’ll need them for your side hustle.

Workbook Deets:

  • Google research saving website resource breakdown for both WordPress and Squarespace sites, templates & photos.
  • Top marketing resources that will up level your side hustle faster and effectively sell your products and services.
  • A quick rundown of gems for everything in between that took me years to find and wish I had at the beginning!

And to ensure this kit helps you create a profitable business, I’ve built in

Interactive Worksheets

These workbooks aren’t just for looking! Take to to fill in and work through the prompts, guided questions, formulas and more!


Save time and swipe my templates, copy and formats along the way that I have linked throughout the kit.


Enjoy promotional discounts included throughout the kit than will save you not just moo-la but time!

detailed analysis

Analyze various aspects of your side hustle while building your masterpiece! These will might your side hustle the real deal!

Grab your Side Hustler Starter Kit!

a profitable business is only a few clicks away…

  • Instant download & lifetime updates
  • 6 workbooks, 84 total pages
  • Side Hustling Business Plan
  • Time Saving Lead Gaining Strategies
  • Pricing Worksheets
  • Avatar Discover Workbook
  • Complete Branding Guide
  • Business Resource Directory



purchase the kit

Bonus Gems Embedded Throughout


Schedule Template

Understand how often you need to work on your side hustle and how to incorporate in your everyday life. Includes side hustling business schedule templates and quick questionnaire to proactively balance it all!

($17 value)


Business Trackers

Track your monthly and quarterly side hustle progress for after you go live! Includes needle moving stats such as revenue, leads and email list numbers. Visually compare each month to the next!

($12 value)


Branding Guide Template

Customizable Brand Guide board template! Swipe my Canva template and create your custom brand guide board for your side hustle with just a few clicks! Completely free to use and does not include any Canva Pro features.

($17 value)


Side Hustle Checklist

Make sure you have all of the details mapped out with my Side Hustle Business Plan Checklist! Launch your side hustle into the world with confidence by ensuring you have all the details mapped out.

($12 value)


Turn Your Idea Into A Paycheck

I know it’s MORE than possible!

This kit my one stop shop method of ensuring aspiring side hustlers launch their business with confidence and strategy!

Side hustles are a wonderful opportunity for business owners to make more money and gain a little more independence with their career. However not all side hustles are successful from sheer only hustle. 

Strategy and full circle implementation are keys for a successful and profitable income stream. That is what makes this kit so valuable!

Walk through all areas of your side hustle at once before hitting the lacuna button and putting it into the world. Proactively create a well-oiled business as you create and expand on golden nugget ideas!

Have we met?

I’m Amy.

And I have a pretty healthy obsession with side hustles!

Side hustling has provided me the allowance and freedom to live a life I once believed was only available through advantageous dreams. 

In college, I started my first business cleaning houses in between class. At 20 years old, I asked myself what I was a subject matter expert in and how I could do good in the world. And that lead to a small blonde girl begging to scrub toilets for cash.

And although I didn’t care for smelling like Clorox 24/7, I was hooked. I saw my efforts transform into income and that changed my belief system and career for the rest of my life. 

Today, I have created and run many successful and profitable side hustles. On top of a couple unsuccessful ones (always needed!). I have learned how to take my career into my own hands while allowing it to direct benefit for others. 

This $27 offer is for you if…

  • You’re ready to start your side hustle and want guidance on how to build a profitable business around your full time career
  • Side hustling or entrepreneurship hasn’t worked out in the past but you’re willing and committed to be successful with strategy leading the charge!
  • You’re serious about taking advantage being alive and you’re ready to transform your business, your career and your wallet.

If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.

I can’t wait to welcome you into my side hustle obsession!

If you’re ready to truly alter your income


Side hustling is not what is used to be! Long are the days when side hustling was referred to as a way you could “make a little extra money on the side”…

Instead, your side hustle posses the power to match your paycheck. Heck- it could double it! And it all starts at the beginning!

Create a strategic and profitable side hustle from the start that makes space and opportunity in your life for more moo-la to come in!  Not made for entrepreneurship? Think again!


Not sure if this offer is going to do what you need it to?

You may be asking yourself…

What if I don’t know what business to create?

That’s okay! If anything, this starter kit can help you get there! Sometimes it’s good to see the strategy of business before you even have an idea. And if you’re wanting to browse ideas, I have 97 free ones for you right here!

Do I have time for a side hustle?

This is such a common question and why I love talking to entrepreneurs about the art of time management and mastering their schedules! I believe everyone has time in their life to improve it, why not start here?

What if I want more money but not business?

Think I think a passive business might become your new obsession. What if you could create a non-customer facing passive, self sustaining, money making business? What that appeal to you?

What if business hasn’t worked for me in the past?

Then I would say you’re human and not a robot getting ready to take over the world. Every entrepreneur has failures. Included (if not especially) myself. The great thing about this guide, is I’ve built it from those lessons.

Grab The Side Hustler Starter Kit, Today!

A more profitable you is only a few clicks away…

  • Instant download & lifetime updates!
  • 6 workbooks, 84 total pages
  • Side Hustling Business Plan
  • Time Saving Lead Gaining Strategies
  • Pricing Worksheets
  • Avatar Discovery Workbook
  • Complete Branding Guide
  • Business Resource Directory

one time payment of


purchase the kit

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