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June 27, 2023

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instagram for your side hustle

How Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Are you looking to create an Instagram account for your side hustle? This can be a great way to promote your business and get in front of the right people. Plus, a social media account like Instagram can provide additional value of free content to your audience.

It’s important to note that if you want to start a side hustle, you shouldn’t just start with social media. Instead, you should dive into your business idea first. Consider these 5 questions to ask yourself before starting any side hustle. Then, begin to strategize and plan.

If you are just starting your side hustle, download my Free Side Hustle Starter Kit here. This kit will help you determine your schedule, your business idea, and how to get started.

Steps For Creating An Instagram Account For Your Side Hustle

To start an Instagram account for your side hustle, there are a few steps you want to take. You don’t need to dive into every aspect of social media. Or utilize every feature on Instagram. Instead, you want to start with the basics and grow from there.

The most important things you want to consider are organization and strategy. You never want your social media marketing efforts to be in vein. Therefore, we must create a plan!

Creating A Business Account

When creating your instagram account for your side hustle, you will want to create a Business account type.

With a business account type, you will get access to features such as email contact options and analytics. Plus with a business account type, you can have a contact button on your profile and include links inside your story.

This is very convenient when promoting your lead magnets or promoting your paid offers.

instagram account for your side hustle

Determine The Type of Content You Want To Create

Next, you want to determine the type of content you create. Your Instagram account for your side hustle should showcase your business as a marketing tool.

This can be in the format of Reels, Stories, Posts, or a combination.

Other factors to consider when creating your content is the overall content theme.

  • Will you create uplifting content?
  • Will you content be entertaining? Or more education?
  • Will you content be more casual? Or Professional?

The type of content is important to consider when promoting your side hustle. And important to pair with your content strategy.

Strategize Your Content

Your content strategy will align your social media marketing with growing your business. Consider what it is your business sells. Or how your business is currently growing. How can you content strategically promote that?

Using Instagram to promote your side hustle email list is a great way to begin seeing business growth. Use this free workbook to create a free lead magnet for your side hustle. Then create content around promoting that free offer. This is a great way to begin building an email list and establishing expertise.

You can also strategically create your bio content to best reflect your side hustle! Use your Instagram bio description to state what you do and who you serve. And don’t forget to add a link to your website or other resources.

Create A Marketing Content Calendar

When you create an Instagram account, you will also want to create a content marketing calendar. A content marketing calendar is a way to schedule out all of your marketing while organizing your strategy.

For example, if your side hustle is running a sale, your content marketing calendar will allow you to understand when the sale is and what content to promote before and during the sale.

A content marketing calendar can save you time and effort when promoting your side hustle on Instagram. You can swipe my $9 Content Marketing Calendar Template right here to get stared. This template will ensure you’re creating Instagram content that is engaging, yet revenue centered.

Getting Your Side Hustle Off The Ground

Creating a side hustle can be so excited! Side hustles can bring us extra income, provide the ultimate job security, and truly pivot our careers. And for our side hustles to run optionally, we must refine our marketing strategy.

Using platforms like Instagram to market your side hustle can be very effective. However, you should remember that social media is simply a tool to marketing a business. You should never just rely on social media to run or create a business.

To start developing your side hustle idea, grab my Free Side Hustle Starter Kit. This kit will walk you through scheduling, business design, and getting started.

Or if you’re ready to fully develop your side hustle business, download my free Business Plan Template. This professional template is easy to use and made for you to turn that side hustle idea, into a reality.

Do you have an amazing business that's just waiting for the right audience to come along? Let me help you find them! Download my Free Lead Magnet Workbook right here!

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