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September 24, 2022

In just 10 days we can form your idea into an actual (and actionable) plan! Ready to develop a legit business plan for your side hustle? Schedule your kick off call below!

I'm AMY!

Hello! I’m Amy and I love helping ambitious people turn their big ideas into sustainable and enriching side hustles. I'm also a blogger, podcaster, food photographer, niche strategist, and business coach.


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Let’s work together to

Create your official Business Plan!

5 Tips For Creating A Potential Full Time Side Hustle

A guided 10-day program where we work 1:1 to develop your business plan so you can launch that side hustle with confidence!

Do you know what type of side hustle you want to create but have no clue where to start? Are you excited about what you’ll be doing but dread the business nuts and bolts of the operation? Ready to fast track your side hustle by working 1:1 with someone to help you get through the business so you can focus on your craft? If so, this package is for you!

This is a guided program where we work together on strategically forming the business behind your side hustle. That way you can launch your business know you’ve built it to work for your goals, not against them.

This package is for you if…

  • You’re ready to “do it right this time” and create a side hustle that starts you in the green
  • You’re not business minded but know it’s so important while in the development stages
  • Bouncing ideas off someone else, brainstorming, receiving feedback and asking questions is your cup of tea!

Let’s see how much more awesome we can take that side hustle idea when we work on it together! Let me assist you through the business side of things in as little as 10 days!

In just 10 days we can form your idea into an actual (and actionable) plan!

Side Hustle Business Development
A package dedicated to developing a true business plan based off your side hustle idea. In 10 business days we work together in combing through the business nuts and bolts of your side hustle so you can walk about confident that you have a plan backed by strategy, not guessing.


Your Package Includes:
  • Professionally detailed formal business plan for your side hustle
  • Business plan digital template for you to update over time
  • (1) 60-minute kick-off phone consultation
  • Product Suite/Services evaluation refinement
  • Sales Funnel blueprint for your main offer(s)
  • Custom Trello board to organize your business plan and our progress
  • Custom 12-month actionable plan you can implement right away
  • Process map to track each quarter
  • 10 Business Day Access to me via Voxer M-F 9:00am-4:00pm EST

how this works

01. Book your consult

When you decided to add me to your team for your business development, the first thing we do is book your kick-off meeting consultation. You can do that using any of the buttons on this page or the scheduler below. From there you pay a 50% deposit on your package, schedule your call and receive a business development questionnaire a few minutes later collecting some important info about you and your side hustle!

02. our consultation

During our kick-off consultation, we get to know one another even more. I walk through the current snapshot of your business, the goal of where you want to be, and any obstacles that you’re facing. Here, I’m able to get a better sense of our biggest focuses for developing your business plan and where we should start.

03. our work together

After our consultation, our process truly begins! 24 business hours later you receive your custom Business Development Trello board. This board along with the free Voxer app is where we will do a lot of our communication back and forth when refining your product suite, names, pricing, workflows, etc. This Trello board will have a few things for you to complete but will ultimately be our main hub for storing key details surrounding your business plan.

04. using your business plan

Developing a custom business plan together takes roughly 10 business days. I aim to keep our progress around this time frame as to keep momentum and progress high! After our time together, I hand off a virtual copy of your business plan! This plan is for you to tweak over the years as your business grows and evolves. I also hang you a custom, detailed 12-month plan for continuing to build your business, launch it into the world and then promote!

Ready to develop a legit business plan for your side hustle?

Schedule your kick off call below!

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I'm Amy, your side hustle tour guide!

Hello! I’m Amy and I am a LOT of things: I’m a blogger, podcaster, food photographer, niche strategist, and an expert side hustle developer (the font on my business card is pretty crowded).

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