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She Turned Her Love of Vintage Home Decor Into A Profitable Side Hustle

July 24, 2023

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In this episode of Side Checks podcast, Crystle McCorkle is sharing all about her vintage reselling side hustle and how it’s grown.

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How To Turn Reselling Into A Side Hustle

Reselling items can make for a very successful side hustle. When you resell, you likely purchase a used item for a lower price and resell that item at a higher price for a profit.

When applied correctly into a business model, your customers aren’t just purchasing an item they can find elsewhere at a lower cost. Instead, they are purchasing a part of a collection. This can be thought of like your customers paying you to source the item and make it available.

Reselling side hustles can work even better when they are niche. And it doesn’t get more niche than my next guest. In this episode of Side Checks, we are walking through a vintage resell side hustle and exploring just how niche profit goes.

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Crystle McCorkle and Baby Got Brass

Crystle McCorkle is the owner of Baby Got Brass, a business that collects and specializes in highly curated mid-century decor. This vintage reselling side hustle began after Crystle discovered a love for turning her house into a home.

She mentions in this interview rediscovering a passion for home decor. And after finding the perfect vintage pieces for her own home, she quickly learned that there are others looking to procure items just as unique.

Finding A Niche

A resell side hustle can become very success once you find a niche. When you find a niche, you can think of your side hustle as procuring a collection for your target audience to shop.

For Crystle, she explains that her niche came directly from passion and her love of vintage home decor. When exploring a niche for yourself, consider your passions. Think about a specific group of people you can market too.

A lot of times our niche is even representative of ourselves.

Operations From A Resell Side Hustle

In this interview, I ask Crystle about the weekly operations of this side hustle.

She explains that the first part of her regular workflow is to shop for inventory. She does this by thrift shopping and even browsing estate sales. Crystle explains that one of her “check-points” while shopping for inventory is to look for items she would put inside her own home.

This vintage reselling side hustle operates primarily out of a local booth. Therefore each week, Crystle restocks her booth, organizes items, assigns pricing, and shops for more inventory.

Profit and Pricing

A really interesting part of this side hustle involves pricing items. Crystle has created a pricing formula to yield a 50% profit on average. She mentions pricing some items can look like an extreme mark up if they were bought at an extremely low price. And other items see less of a mark up.

Through trial and error, Crystle has learned not to collect too much. When it comes to reselling, there is a balance between shopping and selling. You don’t want to treat your side hustle like a storage unit. However, you never want to run out of inventory.

This vintage reselling side hustle brings in $800 – $1200 in revenue each month. And its’ operations continue to become streamlined through selling at a booth rental (more information below). The revenue is gained without the demand of the business owner needing to be present.

In Person Booth Rental

Baby Got Brass primarily sells it’s inventory from an in-person booth in Waco, TX. During the interview, I got to learn what exactly this business is and how it works both as the renter and landlord.

When you rent a booth, you are renting space in a larger shopping center. Customers can shop from the entire area and if they purchase items from your rented space, you earn a sale and give a commission to the landlord of the space.

This business model allows Crystle to continue working her full job as a nurse while earning income throughout the week.

How To Start With A Resell Side Hustle

To learn more about the vintage reselling side hustle lifestyle, follow Baby Got Brass here on Instagram. Crystle shares amazing content that shows off all of her finds and really pulls the curtain back on how she shops for inventory.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start your side hustle, download my free Side Hustle Starter Guide here. A reselling side hustle can be so successful and is a side hustle that anyone can pursue.

Additional income, flexibility, and job security is available to you through the power of side hustling. Start today so you can thank yourself, tomorrow.

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