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She Turned $65 Into $25,000 Flipping Furniture

September 4, 2023

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Claire McCann from The Furniture Flip turned a $65 investment into $25,000 in profit with her furniture flipping side hustle.

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What Is A Furniture Flipping Side Hustle

Furniture flipping is an up-and-coming side hustle that is making a splash in the world of entrepreneurship. More and more people are becoming curious about how they can earn income from ordinary things around them. And furniture is one of the best!

Inside this episode, we are chatting with Claire McCann from The Furniture Flip all about her side hustle. Claire resells high end or trendy pieces or furniture for profit and is here to share so much insight. This is a terrific episode, and one I’m so excited to share about.

Claire McCann and The Furniture Flip

Claire started her furniture reselling side hustle in July 2022, aiming to earn $25,000 within a year. Throughout the process, she shared her experiences on social media, allowing her followers to witness the challenges and triumphs.

As of now, Claire has successfully reached her goal, leading her to establish her own official furniture business. Not only has this side hustle granted her financial freedom, but it has also boosted her confidence. Her mission now revolves around promoting sustainable furniture options, inspiring others to find financial freedom by revealing the keys to success in the world of furniture selling side hustles.

If you’re interested in exploring Furniture Flipping as a side hustle check out Claire’s E-Book, The Ultimate Guide To Furniture Reselling. This e-book is $9.99 but when you use the code SIDECHECKS50 at checkout, you can save 50% off your order!

Operations of Flipping

One thing that I love so much inside this episode is Claire’s operational approach to her side hustle. Each week Claire not only scouts for inventory on apps like Facebook Marketplace, but she has now created a systematic approach for transferring inventory.

Several months after starting her side hustle, Claire began to notice the need for more space. She invested in a storage unit to store all of her inventory. This unit serves as a pick-up location as well for buyers.

Lugg Moving and Delivery is a service that Claire uses to both pick up her pieces and bring them to her warehouse. Using a moving service like this has streamlined Claire’s operations and given her more time back into her week.

Flipping In Your Area

One topic we mention in this episode is location. Claire lives in San Fransisco and therefore sees a lot of individuals and families transferring in and out of the city. AKA so many people are moving back and forth so much. So for furniture flippers, this can be a gold mine.

However, you don’t need to live in a major city to see success with furniture flipping. Claire ensures listeners that you can flip furniture anywhere there is furniture.

It’s all about noticing the value and spotting a good deal.

Myth Busters With Furniture Flipping

In this episode, I ask Claire a few myth-busting questions about furniture flipping. These questions may be on your mind if you’re considering this side hustle.

People get mad if they see their item resold online for a higher price.

False. Often, people selling their furniture simply just want it removed. And the price they list it at is the price they are comfortable with. After they sell, they oftentimes don’t even return to that selling app for a while. Sometimes they are even supportive if they know you have a side hustle. As long as they are paid what they are asking for, they are generally supportive.

There aren’t scammers on Facebook.

False. Facebook Marketplace, just like any other platform, can contain scammers. Please be cautious when interacting with strangers. Cash only is the safest option. If someone is insisting you call them or pay through apps you’re unfamiliar with, you should not proceed with the sale.

You have to find expensive brand names only to flip.

False. Flipping is all about understanding value. If you see any piece of furniture that may be listed for a significantly less amount than it’s value, it is flippable. Especially if the piece is in good condition.


Claire’s furniture flipping side hustle is so phenomenal and she has been a ton of success. Claire started this side hustle with a $65 investment and transformed that into $25,000 in profit in one calendar year.

On an average month, Claire sees about $13,000 in revenue and $3,500 in profit. Over time, Claire has developed a systematic approach to spotting profit more easily. She has learned what is sell, what will not, and what items will give her the largest profit margins.

How To Get Started Today

If you are curious about furniture flipping, there is no better time to start! And getting started is so simple.

Claire mentions 4 steps inside this episode for getting stared. And I am including a 5th!

  1. Start simple with 1 or two pieces of “simple” furntire
  2. Snowball profits into your next purchase (repeat this over and over)
  3. Use natural lighting to take your photos and stage them well
  4. Be patient. Somethings may take longer to sell than others.
  5. Purchase Claire’s E-Book! You save 50% by using the discount code SIDECHECKS


Connect with Claire more by exploring all of her platforms listed below. She has amazing content on the reselling process and shares so much insight along the way. Claire also doesn’t shy away from numbers.

She is transparent about all things profit and loss because she believes in truly pulling back the curtain and helping others succeed. Furniture flipping is such a great side hustle to pursue and one you should check out, very soon!

Watch Claire sell furniture and share tips!


Esty: The Ultimate Guide To Furniture Reselling (save 50% by using code SIDECHECKS at checkout)
Tik tok: @thefurnitureflip
YouTube and Facebook @thefurnitureflip

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