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Rethinking Side Hustles In 2023

March 1, 2023

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Changing The Way We Look At Side Hustling

side checks podcast Amy schmidt

Have you been thinking of starting a side hustle but not sure if it’s totally worth it? Or maybe you’re looking to leap into full-time entrepreneurship and bypass the part-time business model? Perhaps you’re a fellow side hustler, but constantly feel like you have one foot in, one foot out, and somehow that’s a bad thing. (spoiler alert; it’s not). It might be time for us to start rethinking side hustles.

When it comes to side hustling, I think we may have a few things wrong. Side hustling doesn’t need to feel like this painful sacrificial time in our lives. Sure, there’s some hard work involved. But who said side hustling had to earn a little cash on the side in exchange for our blood sweat and tears?

Let’s start rethinking side hustles in 2023 to learn how they can become vessels of opportunity versus stepping toward full-time success.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

There are three major things side hustles can deliver to entrepreneurs that help reframe the part-time business model. 

  • Time and growth for our businesses to thrive under less pressure
  • Opportunities to achieve our goals while creating job security
  • Significant income through strategy despite having less time

Nothing bad happens when our business grows through side hustling. And nothing bad happens if we choose to keep our business part-time. In fact, because of this alone, there could be some pretty unique options out there for you that you may not have even considered yet. 

If you’re an aspiring side hustler, note how these areas can serve you and how you should start your business with these topics in mind. And if you’re a fellow side hustler or full time entrepreneur, consider these topics for any areas inside your business that can be tweaked in order to truly deliver a business model that serves you and your lifestyle completely, not just through a paycheck. 

Time and Growth Through Side Hustling

The best side hustles are designed to earn you income or leads while you’re focusing elsewhere. You don’t need 40 active hours clocked in each week in order for your business to earn income, that could snowball into more into.

What you need are systems and strategies to earn that income, or leads (aka potential income) that don’t require direct man hours. When you build a business that only moves when you move, your limited side hustle will bottleneck your income. 

Through developing a strategic side hustle, you are given the gift of time for that business to organically grow and evolve into its most fulfilling version of it. 

Meeting Goals & Creating Opportunity

Side hustling provides us with options since it’s not our only income source. We have the option to start, grow, scale, go up, and continue working full time while running our business on the side.

Typically when you’re a side hustler, it means you’re earning two paychecks. One from your full time job. And the other from your business. This method creates the ultimate job security and gives you more options for meeting your goals. 

When you start your business as a side hustle you can give your business seed money, funding it from your full time gig instead of paying for your overhead yourself or having to use your beginning profit as funds. 

You can experiment with your business, seeing what works and what doesn’t. We think full time gives us more time. But in fact when we don’t have proof of concept, or when we want to test and analyze different offers and strategies inside our business, side hustling gives us more time to do this because income is still coming in elsewhere; not forcing us to make business decisions from a place of necessity. 

Lastly, you can truly build your dream business. As a full time entrepreneur, your primary goal is earning income. And if your business is still growing, earning income may look like saying yes to everything for that income to come in, versus creating offers that are both fulfilling and strategic. 

Earning More Income

When rethinking the concept of a side hustle, we have to stop believing side hustles only earn a little cash on the side. Income is directly correlated to strategy, not hours spent. So when approaching the concept of creating a side hustle, keep in mind that you can create a business model designed to earn more income and significant income. 

When we build our business, not rooted in strategy, we end up leaving money on the table. 

The beauty of side hustles is that there’s no ceiling when it comes to your income. None. You truly have the power to make as little or as much as you want. There is hard work in earning that first dollar. But the really cool thing is, you can go anywhere. 

Notable Quotes from this episode:

But who said side hustling had to earn a little cash on the side in exchange for our blood sweat and tears?”

“Nothing bad happens when our business grow through side hustling. And nothing bad happens if we choose to keep our business part time. In fact, because of this alone, there could be some pretty unique options out there for you that you may not have even considered yet.”

“And don’t let the Uncle Tom in your life or anyone else make you feel like your small, part-time business is small or outdated. Like Taylor Swift once said, “I come back stronger than a 90’s trend”. And side hustling is back, it’s cooler than ever, and it’s waiting for you.”

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