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July 5, 2022

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A Side Hustler’s Guide To Passive Income

Have you ever considered blogging for your side hustle? Maybe your side hustle has nothing to do with blogging or the internet. However, chances are that blogging can be a powerful tool to not just attract new clients to your website and business but to earn additional income. Just about any side hustle can incorporate a blog onto their website and monetizing a blog can be easier than you think! Let’s dive into 5 ways you can monetize a blog for your business and not leave money on the table!

Allowing Your Side Hustle To Earn More Through Monetizing A Blog

Monetizing a blog is a great method for growing your side hustle and adding another revenue stream to your side hustle. It can also be a smart move if you think about it. If your side hustle is seasonal or goes through a slower phase of sales, having an income-generating blog running in the background can be a great way to ensure money is continuously coming from your side hustle.

Blogging can be a great method to not leave money on the table. And just about any side hustle can incorporate blogging into their business model and get started for free! When you sign up for Bluehost to host a domain name online for your business, Bluehost gives you a free WordPress blog and website! Click here to sign up today for only $3 / month. Your blog can live on your side hustle’s website or stand alone.

Blogging for your side hustle also doesn’t need to be complicated or leave you confused about what to say. If you run a side hustle, blogging can actually be a great way to promote and educate your products and/or services while serving clients along the way. Consider these ideas when thinking about what type of posts you can write for your side hustle!


  • Your blog posts can educate potential clients on what you do
  • You can break down in detail your offerings and services
  • You can attract new clients looking for what you offer via their internet searches
  • You can create a library of information to act as an onboarding process for clients

And aside from serving clients, boosting your business online and educating your audience, blogging can also be a great income stream. Let’s dive into the fun and walk through 5 ways you can monetize a blog for your side hustle.

01. Affiliate Links

The first way your side hustle can monetize a blog is through affiliate links. This is probably the most common way to earn income through blogging. When you sign up to be an affiliate for someone or for a company, you can earn a small commission from recommending their products and/or services. You can refer a reader through your blog to something you affiliate for (perhaps Amazon) and link to that product using a custom affiliate link provided to you.

This is a great way to earn additional income for your side hustle. It’s also passive income which means you can write a blog post that has affiliate links and it can earn you money time and time again, while you sleep! Making Sence of Affiliate Marketing is one of the top courses out there on turning any blog into a hefty paycheck! My friend Michelle designed this course for business owners after earning over $1,000,000 through affiliate marketing on her blog, and really knows what she’s doing!

You can also sign up for the free 36-page ebook for Making Sence of Affiliate Marketing. This ebook will teach you all about how affiliate marketing works, as well as give you 26 affiliate marketing tips so that you can get started. Click here to grab your free copy!

02. Ads

Another way you can monetize your side hustle blog is through ads. Placing ads on your website is similar to affiliate marketing, meaning you earn a small commission when someone purchases something through a link or photo from your website. However, ads work slightly differently than affiliate marketing.

When placing ads on your website, you’re more than likely working with ad companies like AdThrive and Mediavine, to place ads on your website for you. They control where and what ads show on your website and pay you on a regular schedule. This method of monetizing a blog works best when your blog is significantly active.

03. Selling Digitial Products

Another method of monetizing a blog for your side hustle is through selling digital products. Depending on your side hustle, you can create and sell digital products that complement nicely to your business and services. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, perhaps a digital product you can sell through your blog is a wedding day guide for brides on everything they need to know! Or a vendor guide!

Creating a digital product store on your website or via Shopify can become much loved passive income. And your blog can be an easy promotional tool for this as well! A digital product shop is a strategy I use for monetizing my blog here at ASC. You can browse my shop here.

04. Creating Suggested Guides

As I mentioned in the introduction, your blog can be a great resource of information for readers and potential clients. You can devote your entire blog to education around your side hustle. This can help show potential clients why your business is a perfect match for them.

Creating suggested guides can be a form of monetization and education for your blog. When you create guides on your blog such as “Top 10 things everything day of the bride should have in her purse” then you can educate your client and affiliate link resources that can serve them.

05. Promoting Your Business

This method of monetizing your side hustle blog can be too obvious but it definitely needs a mention. Promoting your side hustle through your blog is a great way to continuously have lead magnets pointing to your offerings. Your blog is a great place to showcase what your side hustle is all about! You can invite readers to opt-in to your email list or inquire about services.

As side hustlers, we often have to be our own PR agents. This means we need to utilize every chance we can to efficiently promote our business. A blog is a great way to do this. You can do this through a free offer, directly linking to your services or products, or inviting them to join your email list.

How To Start Your Blog Today

If your side hustle doesn’t already have a blog, creating one should definitely be on your to-do list! A blog can be a great promotional tool for your business, can educate and serve clients, and can be an additional stream of revenue. You likely started your side hustle to add a stream of revenue to your life. Now it’s time to add some to your business!

Getting started with your blog is easy! If you don’t already have a website or a blog, create one from Bluehost for just under $3 a month! Bluehost gives all members a free WordPress website and blog upon signing up. This means creating your blog has never been easier.

You can also begin diving into how to monetize your blog via affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin earning income from your blog that anyone can start. Download your free 36-page e-book from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to learn how your side hustle can start earning passive income. Blogging is a great tool to income. And just about any side hustle can do this! Get started blogging today for your side hustle and set yourself up for earning more income!

Start earning more money with your side hustle with this FREE 36 page e-book on Affiliate Maketing!

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