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Major Benefits Of Working Your Side Hustle Around Your 9-5

February 16, 2022

How Your Full Time Job Can Allow Your Side Hustle To Become The Best Version Of Itself Working your side hustle around your 9-5 job isn’t always easy. It can require early mornings, late evenings and weekend work. And if you’re working your side hustle to one day be your full-time career, your 9-5 can […]

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For 9-5'ers
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How Your Full Time Job Can Allow Your Side Hustle To Become The Best Version Of Itself

Working your side hustle around your 9-5 job isn’t always easy. It can require early mornings, late evenings and weekend work. And if you’re working your side hustle to one day be your full-time career, your 9-5 can become less appealing as your side hustle grows. However, there are major benefits of working your side hustle around your 9-5. Regardless of how you want your current job and your business to unfold, a 9-5 full-time job is a proven asset while building a business. And there are a few reasons why.


Just like any business, side hustles do take time to grow. You can build a beautiful and strategic business and hit the launch button and then hear crickets. This doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong or that our business is wrong. All businesses will require a lead time to gain momentum. And your 9-5 job can actually help with.

As you work your 9-5 job and maintain your side hustle, you are allowing your side hustle to get its legs underneath it and grow. This is great for testing various aspects of your business. As your side hustle grows naturally, you can observe what opt-ins, offers, blog posts or pages on your website are gaining the most traffic. This can help you make small adjustments to your business as it continues to develop.

Although the creation phase of business is busy, the first real quarter of opening your business may be slower. In fact, it often is the slowest time in business. Your audience is still finding you, building trust and learning why your business is a great fit for their lives. Having a full-time job while this is happening and gaining momentum, can be wonderful for your business. It can organically and naturally unfold into what the audience desires without outside influence needing a paycheck from it right away.


Speaking of paychecks! One of the more obvious reasons why having a full-time job along with your side hustle is the ability to receive two paychecks! Additional income and additional income streams is a huge benefit for any household and it becoming more popular amongst business owners. Having multiple income streams provides security. If something were to happen to one income stream, you will have another to support you.

The paycheck from your full-time job is also beneficial when discussing building and maintaining your side hustle. Side hustles take time to grow and bring in regular income. So the initial investment to start your business is not from what the business has done already. Allow the paycheck from your full-time job to cover any expenses of starting your business and reoccurring costs. This could be subscriptions, systems, labor or other costs associated with your side hustle. This way, your side hustle doesn’t go into debt but actually has a true investor.


Because your side hustle isn’t your main source of income (yet), there is less pressure to make money right away. Which can prove very beneficial for your side hustle and your personal well-being. Entrepreneurship can be stressful. All of the decisions are yours and making money is up to you. Starting your entrepreneurial journey with less stress can actually make you a better business owner down the road. And your full-time job is a huge factor in this!

Having the consistency and paycheck from your full-time job will naturally remove stress from your side hustle. You can become more patient seeing slow growth, paying attention to your needle movers and waiting for the income to begin rolling in. As all of this is happening, your full-time job makes it to where you’re not waiting on a paycheck or to get up and go to work each day.

Sometimes the need to make a dollar today can handicap us from making $100 next week. By this I mean, if money and work is something needed right away then we may alter our business, our services, our prices or our experiences to get it. Allowing your business to naturally grow without this influence or pressure can prove much more beneficial in the long run.

Gratitude For the 9-5

So if you are working a side hustle around a 9-5, remember to feel gratitude no matter what. The days can be long and your 9-5 may not be as dreamy as your side hustle. But by working both jobs, you are only setting yourself up for more success and to either sustain two large paychecks over time or step into full-time entrepreneurship with a successful business, already making a full-time income.

Need help balancing it all? I got you covered! Check out my free Trello Board template for balancing your full time job and side hustle and making more money doing both!

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