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Introducing My 90-Day Offers

July 7, 2023

I'm AMY!

Hello! I’m Amy and I love helping ambitious people turn their big ideas into sustainable and enriching side hustles. I'm also a blogger, podcaster, food photographer, niche strategist, and business coach.


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As a side hustle expert, I’ve worked with a lot of different types of businesses and a lot of different business owners. 

I’ve worked with true 9-5 side hustlers. I’ve worked with parents who stay home with their kids and run businesses. And I’ve worked with aspiring business owners. 

And I have to say, there’s been a big commonality between them all. These are the most common things I hear from side-hustling clients, friends, and followers. 

  • I sit down at my computer and just don’t know what to work on. 
  • My working hours are few and precious. Yet, I can never seem to make them really count. 
  • I have an idea that I’m excited about! I just have no idea where to start. 
  • When it comes to business and life, my brain feels like spaghetti. A lot is going on!
  • I know my business needs new leads or more sales. But I don’t know where or how to find people. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Well if so, I have just the thing!

My New Services

This bonus episode is going to walk you through my two new services, Off The Ground In 12 Weeks and 90 Days To New Leads.

These two brand-new services for all side hustlers are built to make you more productive and organized than ever when it comes to your business. 

We are in the game of side hustling and part time businesses. Therefore, we all have a common bottleneck of time. And we should!

You don’t need more time to reach your business goals. You need a plan. And boy do I have one!

This bonus episode is going to walk you through my two programs and point you toward where you can learn more. I’ve had such an incredible time creating these programs and I’ve had side hustlers already benefit from being enrolled. 

What These Services Do

These are 90-day or 12 weeks plans that are custom made for you, around your business goals. 

They organize all of the milestones and stepping stones between where you are at, and where you desire to be, according to a smart goal that we set together. 

With these two programs you receive:

  • Weekly outlines of the tasks you need to complete for your business
  • Video trainings or swipe resources for each task at hand
  • Estimated time for completing each task
  • Check off tasks as you complete them
  • M-F Voxer access (think of this as voice business coaching on the spot!)
  • Custom planning according to YOUR business

I know time is precious to you. So I want to give as many visuals as I can to literally show the progress you’re making towards this business goal. 

Without seeing that progress and without having the accountability that these programs involve, completing our businesses can feel further at reach. 

I even include an overarching percentage tracker so you can see just how far along you are in your 12 week journey.

Off The Ground In 12 Weeks

Off The Ground In 12 Weeks is for any side hustler looking to, as you guessed it… get their business off the ground. This program is amazing for first-time business owners or existing business owners looking to pivot their entrepreneurial careers. 

With Off The Ground In 12 Weeks, we work on packing your plan with productivity and balance to ensure that the “start” or “launch” button gets pushed at the end of our time together, if not beforehand! – which is always my goal!

  • We dive into business development together
  • We create (2) custom-built lead magnets together. And this includes all of the emails to follow.
  • And we review your paid offer suite, making sure your value ladder makes sense and speaks to your audience!

The goal at the end of this program is for you to have a side hustling business, built for success, fully off the ground, functional, and ready for income!

All within 12 weeks, all without feeling lost or overwhelmed. 

I hear so many side hustlers or aspiring side hustlers tell me that they have a business idea they’re excited about. They just can’t seem to get it off the ground with so many moving parts. 

This program solves that and gives you something I wish I had when I was starting out, a detailed roadmap filled with support. 

90 Days To New Leads

90 Days To New Leads is for any existing business that has its door, or virtual doors, open… they just aren’t seeing results. 

Maybe you aren’t getting enough leads. Or any leads. Maybe you’re not making enough sales. Or maybe your business is just collecting cobwebs and you don’t understand why. This program tackles just that!

I always say; a lack of sales is rarely due to your offer. And it doesn’t mean you need to switch business models. Or give up on entrepreneurship. – please don’t!

Instead, I can almost guarantee that somewhere upstream we are not speaking our audience’s language. We are not putting our offer naturally in front of our audience. Or we do not have the right audience. 

In this program, I walk with you through dissecting this and correcting it!

  • we deep avatar discovery research
  • create (3) custom-built lead magnets (with all of the emails to follow),
  • walk through paid offer refinement and review

What Clients Are Saying

I know how overwhelming it can feel to build or grow a side hustle on the side of work, life, kids, marriage, pets, and self. But I don’t think we need to wait until we have more time to build our businesses or sacrifice our business success because life is full. 

We shouldn’t be punished for having a full life filled with many things that pop into our schedule. 

And if running a profitable side hustle is a goal of yours, these programs allow you to reach your goals despite how busy life feels, by organizing all of the moving parts. 

I want to share some testimonies from clients already in these programs. 

Amy’s 12 week plan is EXACTLY what I needed. With starting a side hustle, being a mom to a 5-month old, working full time as a chiropractor, and not having concrete time to set aside, I was having a hard time remembering where I left off or what to do next. Amy’s detailed 12 week plan keeps me on track and motivated!

— Dr. Amy Hippard, Off The Ground In 12 Weeks

After moving to a totally new market, Amy helped me go from zero to sixty (literally) within days. I’m a business owner, wife, and mom of three, and the lack of time has always been my biggest struggle. Amy’s help me both save time and maximize the windows of time I did have.

— Alexis El Massih, 90 Days To New Leads

If one of these programs sounds like something you’re interested in, click here to explore them further! Spots are limited so before sure to explore them while you can and before a waitlist is up.

Book A Free Consultation Call

If you have questions about these programs and how they can work for you, book a free 30-minute call for us to discuss your business, talk through how these programs may help you reach your goals, and answer any questions that you have. 

I’ve made some poor business investments that weren’t the right fit or weren’t the right time. 

And so i just want to ensure you’re excited about any $1 you spend with me inside your business.

Do you have an amazing business that's just waiting for the right audience to come along? Let me help you find them! Download my Free Lead Magnet Workbook right here!

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