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How To Use Trello To Manage And Organize Your Side Hustle

March 10, 2022

Organize Your Side Hustle Better With Trello If you’re a side hustler, then you understand the importance of organization. As a side hustler, the time to work on your business is limited. Therefore it’s so important to have systems and organization in place for when you’re ready to jump in and tackle work. Trello is […]

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Organize Your Side Hustle Better With Trello

If you’re a side hustler, then you understand the importance of organization. As a side hustler, the time to work on your business is limited. Therefore it’s so important to have systems and organization in place for when you’re ready to jump in and tackle work. Trello is an amazing platform for this purpose. Trello is a work management tool where teams and individuals can create systems built of columns and cards to visually map out projects, workflows, brainstorming and more. And it’s perfect for side hustlers. Here is how to use Trello to manage and organize your side hustle.

Why it’s important to keep your side hustle side organized

Don’t let the idea of a side hustle lead you to believe it’s small or more simple. When side hustles are built strategically they are lean, mean, money-making machines. And if anything, they need to be more organized and streamlined than a traditional full-time job. Because you do not have disposable time to devote to your side hustle, it’s much more important that the time you do have is spent wisely. This is where organization and management systems come into play.

When your side hustle is well organized it’s that much easier to know what to work on and when. This can often lead to you being more effective within your business as well. However this organization doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes when there are a million things to do, it’s hard to know which one to start first or keep track of the items that continue to pile on your to do list.

Trello is a fantastic tool to begin getting organized with your side hustle. There are so many possibilities that a business owner can use Trello for. And as a side hustler, this free app is even more appealing because you can take it on the go! Trello is a platform that I personally use on a daily basis. Plus you can even use it with others if you have a team, contractors or friends working with you on your side hustle.

Create On going to-do lists

As a side hustler, I know your to-do list does nothing but grow! Trust me I understand the feeling all too well of crossing 2 items off your to do list just to add 4 more. Some seasons of entrepreneurship will feel like this and that’s okay. Trello makes it easy to constantly keep up with your on-going to do’s.

I personally have one column of massive “to-do’s” on my Amy Schmidt Company Trello board. Throughout the day or weekend, that is my one spot to add to my to-do list as random tasks pop into my head. And each morning, I comb through the list and distribute those to-do cards onto my weekly schedule. This makes it super easy to never forget tasks, either large or small. I can also accomplish more by already having tasks listed out for me to do. It’s almost like having a business manager. Plus, this system gives me the freedom and flexibility to add whatever I want to my to-do list without feeling like it needs to get done right away.

Is anyone else a lover of lists creation? (sitting at my desk raising my own hand). Trello is made for those lists lovers. Aside from to-do lists, use Trello to create any other type of lists you can use throughout your business. For example, use it for brainstorming lists, clients lists and shopping lists.

visually lay out your weekly schedule

Trello can visually layout your weekly schedule for both your side hustle and your full-time job. One of the best things about Trello is that it’s so visual. With Trello you can create a board that lays out your days in front of you and add cards to each day of what you need to accomplish.

This is perfect for managing your side hustle schedule versus your full-time work schedule. It can give a little hairy discerning when you can carve out time for your side hustle while working 9-5. See my 9 methods of streamlining a side hustle around your 9-5. Trello makes this part easy to organize your time and to stick to a side hustle routine.

create checklists and manage workflows

Use Trello to manage your side hustle by creating checklists and automated workflows within the app. This is perfect for when you are just starting to grow your business. You can create columns and boards that layout a step-by-step workflow of your business processes. From there you can create checklists to track your progress, automatic rules and conditions, due dates and can even assign people to certain tasks if you are working with a team.

With Trello you can also color-code your cards or create rules to have them color code upon automation. This can help take your workflows to a whole new level. Create a Trello board that you open each day and know that you only need to look at the cards that are colored red. How amazing would that be to keep you organized?!

Store important information

Lastly, Trello is great to store and organizing key importation for your side hustle. I cannot tell you the time savings you will gain if all of the information that you need on a regular basis is stored in one place. This can be for admin items such as logins, links and passwords or client information.

Here’s a quick list of databases you can create and store within your Trello account:

  • Your brand guide
  • All logins & passwords
  • Important links
  • Inspiration photos
  • Client information
  • Financials and end of month metrics

Having all of your important information in one location can be such a relief. Especially as your business grows. Consider creating separate Trello boards for larger databases such as financials and end-of-month metrics. The more you use Trello and the more your side hustle grows, the more aware you’ll be of how the app will best serve you.

where to start with trello

If you aren’t using Trello to organize and manage your side hustle, start today and thank me later! In fact, download my free Side Hustler Trello template to start you out! This template is completely free to use and download and will ease you into the beautiful world of Trello! Start with one general board where you keep your basic information and systems and build from there. Trello is a free app, although there is a paid PRO version. I recommend saving a bit of money and using the free version as long as you can.

I know you didn’t build a side hustle to bring more chaos to your life. You built it to give you back freedom, time and money. So allow it to do so and begin getting a bit more organized! Click here to get started with Trello and begin giving your side hustle the systems it deserves.

Swipe my FREE Side Hustler Trello board template here to begin organizing your business!

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