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How To Create Sales Page Copy That Works with Kari Perlewitz

March 15, 2023

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Creating Sales Page Copy For Your Side Hustle That Converts

Selling doesn’t always come naturally. And when it comes to talking about what we are selling inside your business, we can fall short of words and shy away from income goals. In a situation like this, sales page copy can become our friend and naturally convert buyers. In this episode, Kari Perlewitz shows us how creating a sales page for an offer inside your side hustle can be a game changer. And how the copywriting within that sales page can ultimately lead to a sale, by applying simple techniques focused on the buyer.

Utilizing Sales Pages Inside Your Side Hustle

A sales page is a stand-alone web page designed with one purpose in mind. This is usually to make a sale for an offer inside your business. Sales pages are a fantastic marketing strategy for selling a digital product or signature service for your business. Viewers land on your sales page and are transported through a narrative of why your offer is perfect for them.

A sales page can be a perfect tool for side hustlers. Having an active sales page is a passive strategy for capturing leads or making sales. This means while you’re working your full-time job, your sales page can be working for you.

Kari Perlewitz Copywriting

In this episode of Side Checks Podcast, I am speaking with Kari Perlewitz of Kari Perlewitz Copywriting. Kari Perlewitz is a copywriter who specializes in helping small business owners attract their ideal clients through simple, yet magnetic, writing. She loves taking complex ideas and concepts and making them super easy to understand. She also helps clients with copy editing. Explore Kari’s Sales Page Template For Courses and Workshops here.

I was so committed to making it work. I was willing to do anything. If it meant waking up at 4am to deliver papers on foot to work for myself, that’s what I needed to do

Kari Perlewitz


In this episode, Kari walks us through what it means to create copywriting around our buyers. This means, having the buyer be the focus of our messaging, not us. For example, we want to examine the goals of our buyers and how they “win”. Next, we want to surround our messaging with addressing these goals, their current problems, and how we can help. Kari mentions the book Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller as the go-to resource. Marketing Made Simple is also a wonderful Donald Miller resource for creating messaging around your audience.

In the episode, Kari gives us a wonderful tip for doing this:

  • think of your buyer as your best friend
  • then creating messaging of why your friend needs this
  • address how this will make your friend’s life easier/better
  • encouraging your friend that you want better for me and you’re here to help


The last thing you want is for your sales page to feel slimy or false. Instead, you want to naturally lead viewers to your sale, providing them with confidence and excitement along the way. Kari points out that you can do this by creating a natural journey with your copywriting. This is exactly what Kari does in her Sales Page Copywriting Template. You want to start by addressing concerns or paint points. Then speak to those concerns empathically. This is key for creating a natural sale.

Then you want to confidently speak about how you can solve that pain point, as an expert. However, your copywriting should highlight the offer as the solution. This sequence is a natural method for selling your offer to the right audience through a sales page.

We skim text. So if you have text on your sales page, you’re much better off having shorter text sections. It feels weird as a copywriter to tell you less copy. But less is more

Kari Perlewitz


As much as I love to understand what we are doing right as business owners, I’m always curious to know where experts see us miss the mark. I asked Kari what missteps she sees with business owners creating sales page copy, here are the most common mistakes:

  • sales pages that are too long
  • sales pages that are more about the business owner than buyer
  • sales pages with personality lacking
  • large paragraphs on sales pages (too much copy)

Kari and I discuss in this episode the beauty of simplifying business to reach our goals. Something I am personally not an expert in but an eager student. Through working alongside me as a contractor, Kari has seen me overcomplicate things over and over. However, I have seen so much more success is simplification than anything. Check out this episode of Side Checks to learn more about simplifying business for more optimization.


A sales page can be a powerful tool for any business, especially side hustles. Sales pages are fantastic for digital products and signature services. The passive and automated system of a sales page can act as the perfect “net” while working a full-time job. And the copy you choose to use on that sales page to highlight your offer; can be a game changer.

To get started working on your own sales page copy, or perhaps revamping your existing messaging, be sure to create copy around your buyer. This episode as well as Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller are fantastic resources to learn more about this. You also want to be sure you’re creating a natural journey for visitors to your sales page. And avoiding the top leading mistakes, like including too much copy, overwhelming information, or not enough information about the buyer.

And if you’re looking for additional assistance with your sales page copy, then explore Kari’s Sales Page Template For Courses and Workshops. This 17-page guide is uncomplicated, easy-to-follow, and gives examples that will help you SEE the process. Also includes a link to the template in Google Docs so you can get started right away!

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