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Creating The Ultimate Lead Magnet For Your Side Hustle

March 20, 2023

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts Growing Your Side Hustle With A Free Lead Magnet A lead magnet can be the ultimate tool for growing your side hustle. By proving a free asset that’s presentative of your business, you can grow an audience that’s interested in what you have to offer. Lead magnets or […]

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Growing Your Side Hustle With A Free Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be the ultimate tool for growing your side hustle. By proving a free asset that’s presentative of your business, you can grow an audience that’s interested in what you have to offer. Lead magnets or freebies are common practices for growing your business. You can also use lead magnets for both service and product-based businesses.

However, lead magnets aren’t just about giving away free content. But how to ultimately grow an audience that can take the next step, or invest, with you. In this episode, we are diving into how to create the ultimate lead magnet for your side hustle, how to make center it around your goals, what to avoid, and how to start today. And if you are ready to begin creating or tweaking your lead magnet(s), you can download my Free Lead Magnet Starter Kit right here!

Why Is A Lead Magnet Important For Your Business?

A well-performing lead magnet is one of the best ways to grow any business. And since side hustlers have limited time to devote to their business, lead magnets can be a wonderful tool. Your lead magnet is like a free sample. By proving this free sample, you are inviting someone who is interested. From there, you can continue to nurture them and ultimately sell.

Your lead magnet continues to build your audience, which can in turn continue to build your sales. A lot of this is through email marketing. With email marketing, you can serve your email list on a regular basis (weekly preferred) with valuable insight and content. Then, you can ultimately pitch to your audience when you are promoting an offer or a sale.

A lead magnet can lead your audience toward an offer and/or toward building your email list in general. For all of my lead magnet delivery, sequences, and weekly email marketing, I use Flodesk. Explore Flodesk and save 50% off your first month of year by signing up right here.

Creating Your Lead Magnet According To Your Goal

The most important thing to consider when creating your lead magnet is to keep your goals in mind! Consider what you want your lead magnet to do, then develop a plan of action. Is your lead magnet for selling an offer? Are you building your list in general? Is it timely, around a launch or event? These are all important factors into creating your free offer.

Next, be sure your lead magnet is representative of your business. It should serve your audience and provide value. You want your audience to walk away with a “win” so the idea of investing with you further becomes exciting!

You also want to ensure that your free sample, is just that; a sample. Your lead magnet should provide a taste of your business, but not so much value to where they no longer need your paid offer.

Lead Magnet Placement

Once you have your goal in mind for your lead magnet, consider where you will be placing your sign-up form. Every lead magnet will have a form where people can sign up and grab your free asset. They will likely exchange their first name and email address for this. You can create this form using your email serving provider. I use Flodesk to create my lead magnet forms. And with Flodesk, I can segment my audience further and deliver my lead magnet, stress-free.

There’s a few methods of lead magnet placement:

  • pop-up forms
  • embedded forms
  • landing page

All of these forms work great. And you will likely use a combination of all for each lead magnet. Experiment with which forms work best for each lead magnet. My $9 Email Marketing Analytics Spreadsheet can actually help you track this along the way!


Delivering your lead magnet is an important part of this process. And a part you can facilitate through your email service provider. Lead magnet delivery should be a passive process. And for side hustlers, this is even more important. You will create a workflow using your email service provider. Inside this workflow, you can create a step to send an email after someone has opt-ed into a certain form. Inside this email, will be your lead magnet.

What To Avoid

There are a few things to avoid when creating the ultimate lead magnet for your side hustle. Keep in mind, your lead magnet is a tool to grow your audience and ultimately monetize your side hustle. Therefore, we want to make sure our lead magnet strategy is correct.

Here’s a few things we need to avoid while creating our lead magnet strategy:

  • generally serving our audience when we have specific goals
  • not creating a post delivery strategy (and not testing it)
  • making forms too generic “join our list” or “keep up with the latest”
  • Not automating the process

How To Get Started

The goal of your lead magnet is to draw someone into your side hustle. We want to really consider how someone operates within our business and how, in an ideal world, they will ultimately invest. Within this process we can find a lot of opportunity for lead magnet strategy.

To snag my free, tangible version of this episode you can download my free lead magnet starter kit at It will walk you through this exact process, help you build lead magnets around your goals, and provide templates to get started.

Side hustles and part-time businesses and built around making more with less. So be sure your lead magnets are working for you, optimizing your audience, and ultimately optimizing your income!

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