Let's Work Together To Create Your Official Business Plan!

Let's Work Together To Create Your Official Business Plan!

This is a guided business development program where we work 1:1 to build your business plan so you can launch that side hustle with confidence!

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Ready to develop a legit business plan for your side hustle? Of course you are! In this business development program, we’ll work together to create a formal business plan that will turn your working hours into income. 

Whether you're an existing business owner or a first timer, this package will help you "get it right" and build a business that gives you the freedom that you dream about when you’re at your 9-5. Over just 4 meetings that you schedule around your availability, we will comb through all of the business aspects of your brilliant side hustle idea to ensure you are set up for success!

Because every side hustle idea needs an actual (and actionable) plan!

Ready for your life to change?

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"This program transformed my business!"

This program is all about developing a business plan for your brilliant side hustle idea. We’ll utilize strategy calls and weekly communication to work together on the business “nuts and bolts” for your side hustle. After we’re done, you’ll be able to confidently launch (or relaunch) knowing that you have a plan backed by strategy, not guesswork.

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How It Works

Want to add me to your business development team? Yay! The first thing we do is book your kick-off phone consultation. You can do that right now by clicking any of the buttons on this page. From there, you’ll secure your spot, schedule your call, and fill out a business development questionnaire so I can collect some important info about you and your side hustle!


After the consultation, the fun really begins! 24 business hours later, you will receive your personalized Business Development Trello board. This board, along with the free Voxer app, is where we will do a lot of our communication. We'll also put three more meetings on the calendar for us to dive into your product suite, names, pricing, workflows, etc. and more!


Our 4th and last meeting will be your business plan hand-off. I'll present you with your official business plan and we will walk through it together. You'll also receive some other fun goodies like a virtual business plan copy (to tweak as your business grows) and a custom 12-month plan (yep, you read that right) designed to help you roll up your sleeves and put everything into action!

03. HANDING OFF your business plan

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My business development program is one of a kind! Meaning, everything is customized to meet your specific needs. Want to spend more time talking about how to build a sustainable side hustle schedule? We can do that. Curious about how money will change hands under your future empire? Let’s get into it.

No two businesses are the same, and your business plan should be completely unique and customized to fit you and your life. Your goals are achievable. And with a solid plan in place, they are waiting right around the corner!

The life you want is within reach! You just need a good business plan in place before you take the leap so you don’t waste your effort and energy. Let's build a business that works for you!

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You have developed a solid sales funnel (or maybe several of them) that is designed to drive your target audience to your main offer(s).

You have a custom 12-month plan in your hands. No more wondering how you’re going to grow your business and monitor its success.

You are ready to say “goodbye” to the creation stage of your business and “hello” to the actionable steps that lead to serious growth.

And finally, the best part… You have a clear understanding of how to take your professional business plan and put it into action to make you money!

You can launch your side hustle into the world with confidence! You know your numbers, you have a plan, you know what to monitor, and you know you're legit.

After Completing Your
Business Development Program:


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