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Building A Business With Abundance

May 31, 2023

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In this episode of Side Checks Podcast, Aimee Lubin, of Southern Most Shells dives into building a business with abundance.

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What Does Abundance Mean Inside Business

Abundance is all around you. And as a business owner, this can mean that opportunity is in plain sight. In this episode, I am talking with my good friend Aimee Lubin of Southern Most Shells. Aimee is a talented shop owner known for her amazing decoupage oyster shells. Inside this episode, Aimee is sharing how she has built her business with abundance and the mindset that comes with that.

If you are ready to see opportunity around you and make your way towards success, this episode is for you.

Aimee Lubin of Southern Most Shells

Aimee Lubin is a political affairs professional by day, a side hustler by night. She is a Philly native by birth, and a mom when they said it would never happen. Aimee lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband, son, parents, and three extra large lap dogs. If she goes missing, she’s probably steeped in yet true crime podcasts creating oyster shell art. Always count on her to bring the napkins to a school party.

Southern Most Shells is an oyster decoupage shop in this Annapolis, MD area. Aimee’s shells have endless designs, are so unique, and make for the perfect gift (even for yourself). Southern Most Shells can also print custom work. A lot of popular orders include shells with pet faces on them.

Abundance In Plain Sight

In this episode, Aimee walks us through how her business began by looking at opportunities around her. Being a Maryland resident, she began to notice an abundance of oyster shells both on the beach and in the dumpsters of local restaurants. Aimee credits this as her lightbulb moment.

Instead of starting a business with an idea and then finding the resources for execution, Aimee takes a different approach. She has been able to see abundant material around her and ask the question, “how can I earn money from this abundance?“.

What I love most about Aimee’s story is the savviness. So often while building a business, we think “we must spend money to earn money”. And although this can be true, Aimee really challenges this idea. Aimee introduces the concept of optimizing what is abundantly around and transforming that into a fulfilling business model instead.

Aimee even goes on to mention inside the episode that she will see abundance and opportunity in small details such as cocktail napkins. At events or a local restaurant, Aimee will take a beautiful cocktail napkin and use that to create a decoupage oyster shell.

Decoupage Oyster Shells

Aimee walks us through what decoupage is and how she creates her oyster shells. She mentions that the beginning process is always the messiest. And that is the process of cleaning.

After a thorough cleaning process, Aimee then begins the decoupage process. Decoupage is the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs of special decoupage paper. To begin, you will need decoupage glue and sealer. You can typically apply this with a foam brush. Then you will want to use special paper like this 50-count multi-color set.

All of the shells inside Southern Most Shells are handcrafted and used with local shells. Some of my absolute favorite designs of Aimee’s are the Taylor Swift themed shells and Turkey napkin holder shells. You can view more favorites on Southern Most Shells Instagram page right here.

What You Make Vs. What You Sell

My favorite point in this interview was Aimee stating there is a difference between what you make versus what you sell. She states this is very important for buyers to understand. And something that is often overlooked.

For makers and for sellers, we must understand the emotion behind the product and the solution we solve. For Aimee, she sells oyster shells. However for a buyer, they can purchase a life-long memory of the pet that is no longer with them.

Another example of Aimee’s oyster shell is a memory. Someone can use her shells as a bridesmaid favor or napkin holders for their first holiday in a new home. When this happens, her shells aren’t just shells. Instead, they are heirlooms and lifelong memories.

Examples like this will continue to serve business owners in marketing and connecting to an audience.

Blocking Out The Opinions of Others

When discussing growing business with abundance, something that Aimee touches on is blocking out the opinions of others. This is something I find so powerful in this interview. Aimee mentions that with true abundance, you will be able to stand more firm and confident inside your business no matter what. And how sometimes digesting the opinions of others isn’t beneficial.

Being able to block out the opinions of others is so important while building any business. There may be times when you feel out of place or like you’re doing the wrong thing. Or that others may think your business is too loud or it doesn’t make sense.

It’s important that we don’t lose confidence in what we are building. And if we are building from abundant resources, like oyster shells, we allow this abundance to provide us with confidence. Sometimes it’s a sign when we notice abundant resources surrounding us.


To connect more with Aimee and shop her beautiful Oyster Shells, visit Southern Most Shells right here on Etsy. There you will find designs for any holiday, custom order requests, and your next holiday gift ideas. Mention SIDECHECKS and you will receive $10 off your entire order.

You can also follow Southern Most Shells here on Instagram. Aimee does such an amazing job at taking followers behind the scenes each week of her business inside local events and new products.

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