I'm Amy - a small business coach who believes there's a small business in everyone that can eliminate the Sunday Scaries.


Because of this, I created my next business with a chip on my shoulder. I began a food photography business with zero personal branding and a work-from-home business model. Within 3 years, I worked myself out of my corporate gig and sold that 3-day workweek business for $151,000.

This left me broke and scared from creating a business that could only operate around me.

Back in 2014, I started a cleaning business as a way to help pay for college. I made my own schedule (and paycheck) and this experience launched a passion for entrepreneurship, especially side hustles! 

After a couple of years of working my corporate 8-5, I felt entrepreneurship call to me again. This calling lead me to open a wedding photography service in the Chicago area. For three years I learned everything I could about photography and absorbed small business strategy from every corner of the internet.

But life had different plans. I moved back home to South Carolina and found myself having to return to corporate, given 100% of my income was tied into a local service-based business, completely branded around myself and my client relationships. 

My entrepreneurial career all started with a teeny-tiny cleaning busniness I ran in college.

And now I'm here to help you gain entrepreneurial success (even if it's outside the box).

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Your business's success has nothing to do with "being full-time".

a few things I believe in

When you're a healthy version of yourself, your business will always run smoother.

a few things I believe in

Even the most successful launch cannot fulfill you like your household can.

a few things I believe in




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