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Her Teachers Pay Teachers Side Hustle Now Earning Full-Time Passive Income

May 3, 2023

Her teachers pay teachers side hustle is now earning a full time passive income. Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts What Is Teachers Pay Teachers? Teachers Pay Teachers is an online resource hub created for educators. Here, teachers can purchase digital files, clipart, worksheets, and more. This is a ways that teachers can truly […]

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Her teachers pay teachers side hustle is now earning a full time passive income.

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What Is Teachers Pay Teachers?

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online resource hub created for educators. Here, teachers can purchase digital files, clipart, worksheets, and more. This is a ways that teachers can truly support one another while saving money and time. Teachers Pay Teachers also makes for a wonderful side hustle! Explore more side hustle ideas here.

Teachers can also create and sell digital products on the platform. All sales are passive income and directly support educators. In this episode of Side Checks, I am talking with Sasha Mitten of Rainbow Sprinkle Studio. In this episode, you will hear how Sasha transformed her Teachers Pay Teachers side hustle into a full-time passive income.

Sasha Mitten and Rainbow Sprinkle Studio

Sasha creates fun clipart illustrations and sells the digital downloads inside her Teachers Pay Teachers shop. This supports educators in growing their side hustle businesses as they are able to use her clipart for their digital resources. In this episode, Sasha breaks down the win-win outcome of buying and selling from Teachers Pay Teachers and how this truly supports educators.

Sasha is a mom to two sweet kids and worked as a school social worker before deciding to dedicate her work hours to designing happy little illustrations that could be used in classrooms around the world.

Sasha’s TPT shop, Rainbow Sprinkle Studio, began as a side hustle. In this episode, Sasha mentions various phases of entrepreneurship. Like many of us do, Sasha explored different paths of creativity. Before TPT, Sasha created an Etsy shop selling wedding invitations.

However, being a mom, she needed a more passive business. So she took her learned Illustrator skill set and began creating clip art. It was from here that she began her TPT shop.

Choosing A Positive Mindset

In this episode Sasha and I talk about the power of a positive mindset. Sasha describes her approach to entrepreneurship as “figureoutable”. She references the best-selling book Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo as a wonderful resource for this mindset.

In this episode, we discuss the power of “just doing it”. We both discuss why we postpone the actual work and the actual business. Sasha struggles with being a perfectionist. She has since learned that her perfectionist characteristics are really just a fear of putting herself out there.

One thing Sasha and I mention is the power of pursuing business. We acknowledge how scary it is to truly create and operate a business. However, something that we both agree on is that it is more doable than we think.

Earning Digital Income

The wonderful thing about earning digital income; is that you are earning passive income. Sasha explains that her Teachers Pay Teachers side hustle became even leaner with it being passive income. Sasha does take time to create digital products for her shop. However after she creates a set, Sasha is able to sell that digital resource over and over again.

Sasha’s Teachers Pay Teachers site focuses on clipart. She is able to create and sell digital downloads that other TPT sellers can use in their resources. However, Teachers Pay Teachers offers a wide variety of digital resources. You can purchase worksheets, curriculums, guides, and more.

Transitioning To Full Time

Working as a school social worker, Sasha explains in this episode that she needed an outlet during summer breaks. She began to browse various side hustle ideas she could pursue before deciding to learn more about Adobe Illustrator. From there she Sasha pursed wedding invitations before designing clipart.

Sasha has since taken her Side Hustle full-time. And because she runs a full-time passive income based business, Sasha gets to keep her side hustle working hours. Her business runs more automated, receiving sales on a regular basis. She doesn’t need to trade time for income each week.

Getting Started With Teachers Pay Teachers

At the end of the episode, I ask Sasha where any educators should begin if they are curious about creating a Teachers Pay Teachers store. Sasha mentions so many incredible resources for anyone getting started. There are so many Facebook groups, blog posts, and educators that can help provide a runway.

For anyone interested in starting a Teachers Pay Teachers side hustle, you can download Sasha’s free clipart right here to begin creating resources. You can use this free clipart on your own resources and begin earning income! How amazing is that?

You can also connect with Sasha more on Instagram here @rainbowsprinklestudio. There you can see all of the behind-the-scenes and her adorable clipart creations.

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