A Guide For Introducing Your Spouse to the World of Side Hustling

February 25, 2022

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Introducing Your Spouse To The World of
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A drama-free way of getting your spouse on board of your side hustle.

Building a successful side hustle requires time, energy, strategy, patience, guts and a healthy mindset. When you’re building a business, time becomes one of your most scarce commodities. It requires a lot from you and isn’t always as glamorous as it may look. And if you’re married or have a significant other, your limited times seem that much more limited. Balancing entrepreneurship and a relationship isn’t always easy. For our spouses who are not entrepreneurs, side hustling can be a bit confusing. And that confusion, along with the task of building a business, can cause natural rifts. However, I have a drama-free approach to introducing your spouse to the world of side hustling.

Why it’s important that your spouse supports your business.

It’s important to note that your spouse does not need to be as excited or understand every aspect of your side hustle as you do. Sometimes we get so passionate about the next business move, a sales ladder, an awesome name for our business or some other detail like this. Remember when you share your business with your spouse, you’re looking for their support, not their 100% understanding. They won’t always be able to fully get your business like you do or like a business partner would. And that’s okay!

When you have a supporting spouse, your business can flourish. That is because when you’re supported (mentally, spiritually), you can go on to support other aspects, like your business. It’s very hard to do anything with an unhealthy relationship, much less build a business.

The world of side hustling can be new for your spouse. They don’t have a handbook on what to do and how to support you during this time of your life. Until now! Help guide them to clear examples of what this support looks like. Below are a few ways to do this!

Clearly Communicate Your Side Hustle Vision

The best thing you can do for your relationship when you start or grow a side hustle, is clearly communicated. Communication is key for any relationship and when it comes to side hustling, it’s still just as important. If you’re starting a side hustle, clearly communicate to your partner what it is that you want to do. No detail is too small! You can show examples of what other people have done or even draw them out! Don’t be shy or embarrassed by your aspirations. The best way for your spouse to understand the work you’re putting in, is to understand your vision.

When you clearly communicate what you want to do, this also allows them to be excited for you and share your vision. They are able to clearly see your end goal and “put a name to the face” of all of your hard work. A lot of times when we skip out on communicating details on your business and plans, that’s when our partner feels left out. And even though it’s important to recognize they aren’t our business partners, taking the time to explain the big picture of your business, can make them feel important, as they are.

Set boundaries at the beginning

For introducing your spouse to your side hustle, be sure to set boundaries at the beginning! There are two types of boundaries you are going to want to set. Boundaries to protect your business time. And boundaries to protect your personal time. Both are amazing to lock in sooner rather than later. When we don’t have healthy or realistic boundaries in place, our relationships and businesses are liable to pay the price.

Create boundaries around your side hustle. When you’re creating a business, you want to make sure you’re giving it the attention and care it deserves. A side hustle routine can be challenging with early mornings or late evenings. However, it’s the dedication and consistency that will pay off in the long run. Pun-intended! Set standard business hours each week where you plan to work on your side hustle, uninterrupted by anything. Clearly communicate these boundaries to your spouse. Just doing this one thing, can prevent a lot of drama!

Now on the other hand. When you’re building a side hustle, create boundaries that protect your personal time. Your spouse will love these boundaries! Set aside time each week that is business free. This can be time specifically for your spouse or for other family and friends. It’s very healthy in the beginning to carve out business-free time regardless. This helps protect your creativity and helps you to avoid burnout. If you are truly grinding away at your side hustle, try creating a standing date night each week. This will force you to take a break from your business and focus on your relationship. This also helps your spouse to see they are not replaced no matter how hard you’re grinding.

If you need help creating boundaries like these, I got you covered! Download my free routine & scheduling sheets for side hustlers. These sheets will help you compartmentalize your week with both life and business.

Report numbers

One way for introducing your spouse to your world of side hustling is by showing the numbers. This can be uncomfortable at first. Your first month of side hustling will look a lot different than your 6th and 12th. However, showing your spouse the numbers from your business can help them truly see what you’re doing. And when you’re numbers get larger and larger (profit-wise, not expense-wise!) they can get truly excited with you!

Here are a few metrics that might be good to share with your spouse:

  • Email list size
  • Website visits
  • Number of sales
  • Net revenue
  • Total monthly expenses

The expenses may not be the most fun to share. However it’s important to stay open and honest and give your spouse an opportunity to show you their support. Don’t let the new-ness of your side hustle prevent you from sharing numbers. Your spouse understands that a business does take time to build. For them to be supportive of you, they just need the information.

When your business does grow, showing your spouse the numbers on a regular basis can be extremely beneficial. By showing numeric growth, you’re able to provide a proof of concept of your side hustle to your spouse. Which of course will get them on board! Don’t let pride blind you here. A business is only truly a business when it makes money. Your spouse will be supportive to matter what, but don’t let their newfound excitement offend you when you start really raking in the cheddar!

Showing your spouse the numbers from your business on a regular basis can also help them understand if and when you’re ready to go full time. Your numbers can even be the thing that has them encouraging (if not reallllly encouraging) you to go full time. Numbers are nothing to shy away from so let them be a tool for introducing your spouse to side hustling! And all of moo-la that comes with it!

How to start introducing your spouse to side hustling today

Balancing business and relationships is not always the easiest thing for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are natural go-getters and we tend to get lost in our work. However this doesn’t need to become a wedge with your relationship. Introducing your spouse to the world of side hustling can actually be the best thing you do for your business, especially if you want to go full time!

Remember that this is ultimately your journey, not theirs. So even though having their support and love while you build a profitable business is a requirement, they don’t need to understand your business as you do. Extend them grace and time for truly hoping on the side hustle bandwagon. This is likely very new to them. And if you don’t feel like they are on the “band-wagon” on your side hustle, remember that they are on yours. It’s not an overnight thing, but sooner or later, they will understand more aspects of your business. Much like language learning! The most important thing is that your spouse supports you and your side hustle.

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