7 Ways of Becoming Your Own PR Agent

November 15, 2022

Learn what public relations is and how to become your own PR agent for your side hustle business.

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Creative Ways To Gain Exposure For Your Side Hustle As Your Own PR Agent

What is Public Relations and why does your side hustle need it?

Public relations, or PR, is the professional maintenance of the relationship and image between the public and a person/company. In other words, PR is the connection between someone and how that person is received in the news or media. Oftentimes, you hear of celebrities or Fortune 500 companies employing a PR agent. However, did you know that your small business could also greatly benefit from public relations? Here are 7 ways of becoming your own PR agent for your side hustle.


A podcast tour is an amazing strategy to implement for gaining exposure for your side hustle business. This strategy is when you appear on various podcast shows as a guest, talking about your journey and experience, and promoting your business. A podcast tour can be big or small. The number of shows you book doesn’t nearly matter as much as the effectiveness.

The goal of a podcast tour for your business is to appear on shows with listeners that could benefit from your business, without being a direct competitor of the show host. For example, you want to offer something of value for both the host and listeners while promoting your business at the same time.


  • Reach out to podcasts, you actually listen to
  • Do research on the podcast listeners
  • Construct a value-add pitch email (or snag my $9 podcast pitch kit here)
  • Have a clear place and action for listeners interested in learning more


Cross promotions are another great way to become your own PR agent and promote your side hustle. When you collaborate on a cross-promotion, you’re working with other business owners to promote their business as well as yours. This means all collaborators involved are able to expose their business to new audiences while introducing other value-added resources to theirs.


  • Guest blogging
  • Promotional podcast commercials
  • Mega digital product bundle including multi-business contributors

Cross-promotion can create great exposure for your side hustle. Be sure along the way you’re reaching out and finding complimentary promotions. You want to work with a business owner that adds value, not direct competition. Be sure to keep the end user in mind as well as the goal of promoting your business solutions to the right, new audience.


Booking speaking events is a great way to gain exposure for your side hustle business. No matter the size or business model of your side hustle, there are speaking opportunities out there for you. Today speaking events can be virtual or in person. And the format doesn’t need to match your business format. For example, if you’re a local business, the speaking events you attend don’t all need to be local. And vice versa.

Public speaking may not be everyone’s favorite. However, if you enjoy speaking to others, finding or even creating speaking events for your side hustle can be a great marketing strategy. Meeting others via an event where you are seen as the expert can not only create connection, but it can generate a lot of hot leads, ready to take the next step.


Don’t let the idea of news and media being utilized by only large, renowned companies fool you. News and media outlets can also serve small businesses like your side hustle. Create a pitch for local or online news and media companies that complement your business. Similar to other strategies here, be sure the viewers could benefit from your business. Then align yourself and your business as value-added content. This creates a win-win scenario for all parties involved.


As you begin to wear the public relations hat more and more for your side hustle, more organic partnerships will begin to surface. This means, your website needs to have clear paths for other companies to take in order to reach out for collaborations. Having buttons on your website like “book me” or “partner up” is a great way to make reaching out to you, easy and hustle-free.

When companies can easily reach out to you and also see what type of public relations ventures you’re currently interested in, they are able to streamline opportunities directly to your inbox. If you are interested in speaking, guest blogging, being on a podcast, making a news appearance, being written about, or anything else, be sure to disclose on your website. Then have clear contact forms for the interested party can take the next step.


Like any good PR agent would do for you when asked about your business, you should have a professional elevator speech handy at all times. This doesn’t need you to need to be prepared to whip out note cards and tell someone about your business. Instead, you should have a quick and informative “mini speech” on who you are and what you do. Being able to deliver this to anyone at any time can present opportunities along with simply marketing your business.

According to, there are four main components of a good elevator speech:

  1. Introducing yourself
  2. Providing a summary of what you do
  3. Explain what you want
  4. Ending with a call to action

Although elevator pitches can typically be thought of as a tool during the interview process, they are also great for public relations. Elevator pitches allow you to professionally introduce your side hustle business, a direct goal (booking more, promoting a workshop, etc) and a clear call to action for the other party to take.


As we are promoting our business, we often forget to make ourselves newsworthy. We tend to get more caught up in what we want to promote versus “the why” of why we should be promoted. Making yourself and your business newsworthy is a great strategy for when you pitch yourself. If you can prove that your business is worth promoting, then your chances of a third-party promoter increase.

By making yourself newsworthy, you make promoting your business an easier and more attractive option. Being newsworthy yourself allows your business to become a natural topic to follow. Your business also becomes a bit larger than simply promoting itself. Look at the examples below and see which ones can apply to you.


  • volunteer in your local community
  • create an organization serving others
  • volunteer or donate your business services/products
  • accomplish a large goal

Steps You Can Take Today

If you’re ready to add a public relations strategy to your side hustle, then you can get started today! No need to hire a public relations team as you’re starting out to only decrease your profit margins. You can become your own side hustle PR agent each week. And here’s how…

Each week, carve out one hour for public relations. This consistent, weekly hour is for you to reach out to individuals and businesses that can help you get the word out there about your business. Whether it’s podcast hosts, news outlets, local business chapters, or something else, this hour will be for you to pitch yourself.

Create a strategic pitch. This pitch should include items as to who you are, what your business does, why you’re an expert, and the value-add that you can give to their audience. Looking to save time and send professional pitches? Explore all of my Pitch Kits in the digital shop!

For more information on marketing your side hustle and growing it to the next level, explore these posts or tune into the Side Checks Podcast.

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