7 Reasons Your Side Hustle Could Be Missing Leads

February 9, 2022

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The Side Hustler’s Ultimate Auditing Process For Missing Leads And What To Do About It

Missing leads or not seeing leads come through is the worst feeling for side hustlers. When you put forth a lot of effort into your business, you naturally want to see results. And as a side hustler, effort and time is limited, making results even more desirable. Seeing your inbox barren day after day can leave you feeling like your efforts aren’t moving the needle and your business simply isn’t working. But this may very well not be the case. In fact, missing leads (or not getting any at all) is most often not because your business isn’t working, but because it’s not in front of the right person at the right time.

Before changing the formula of your business due to the lack of new leads or sales, give your business a lead capture audit! Explore how your business is currently capturing leads and any methods you could be adding or altering. Often times side hustlers are missing leads due to messaging, technical issues or their sales approach. Explore these 7 reasons why your side hustle could be missing leads and see if you can begin making a few changes and seeing your inbox overflow with inquiries!


Your side hustle could be missing leads if you do not have a true lead capture form. Relying on a generic contact form only that collects a name, email address and a message can be off-putting for a potential new lead. This can also put more work on the potential customer as well. Be sure your lead capture form is specific to your products or services and captures appropriate information.

Your website can definitely have a generic contact form. However be sure to keep it separate from any inquiry form for a specific product or service you offer. Your generic contact form should be used when a visitor has a question and/or wants to get in touch for other reasons.


Your inquiry links should be in many places on your website! And when it’s not in enough or in the correct places, this could be why your side hustle misses leads. Be sure to include lead capture links or links to an inquiry on your products and services pages. Oftentimes a visitor will read about your product and services but then are simply left out on a cliff instead of instantly asked to inquire.

Your inquiry form or lead capture form should be many more places rather than a contact page. Browse your website for anywhere that you heavily showcase your products and services and include lead capture links there. This could be blog posts or your about page!


Your side hustle could be missing leads if potential customers don’t see a product that 100% suites them. Often times a visitor will land on your site, fall in love with your business, with you and then explore your products and services. And sometimes if they don’t see a package or service that is tailored for them, they will click off and not inquire.

If you are open to it, try including an open-ended offer on your products or services page. This could look like a lead capture link that reads “Not seeing what you’re looking for? Connect with me here for custom inquiries! I would love to help you with your next project“. This can even lead to you exploring new things and adding new services to your shelf!

The last thing you want is to miss out on a lead due to a broken link. This may be the hardest pill to swallow of them all! Luckily broken links can be an easy fix and a regular part of our monthly maintenance as business owners. Check out this article that can show you use solutions for locating your broken links so you can fix them and never lose out again!


Don’t be afraid to sell yourself, your business and your service! Sometimes we can miss out on potential leads because our messaging isn’t sales-y enough. Can you believe that? There is a fine link between coming across like a tacky salesman and effectively showcasing your business. For me, I differentiate the two with one word; excitement!

When the messaging on your website is excited and eager, then visitors will see that and they’ll want to work with you. Be excited to talk about your business and declare excitement for potentially working with someone viewing your website. We all want to be wanted. And when we see a business that wants us and is excited to truly serve us because it’s what they love doing, then hitching ourselves to their wagon is a lot easier!


Your website’s number one goal is to sell your products and services. Be sure that you’re using a premium website theme that understands this goal and navigates your visitors through your website naturally with a sales goal in mind. 17th Avenue Designs for WordPress websites are top-performing when it comes to this!

Your website should be set up to guide a visitor through easily understanding what you do, if your business is right for them and how they can take the next steps. If your website isn’t doing a good job at navigating a visitor on that path, it could be how you’re missing out on potential leads. According to Hubspot, the average time someone spends on your website is 54 seconds. So be sure your website can clearly and effectively sell your business to the right customer within that time frame.


The last reason and last part of this auditing process for missing leads is all about your free opt-in and sales sequences. You could be missing out on leads due to needing to warm them up. Perhaps someone lands on your website, likes you, like your business but isn’t ready to take the next steps just yet. A free offer to get this person on your email list could potentially make them a customer for a future date.

Create a free offer on your website that leads directly into a sales sequence over a given amount of time. A sales sequence can influence a potential lead, educate them more on why they would be a perfect fit for your business and potentially make the sale. And if not, they are still on your list for the possibility in the future.

Flodesk makes this entire process extremely simple! Design and brand your emails, create strategic sequences, automate the entire process and sigmate your lists to keep things simple and organized! Explore Flodesk for yourself to see if it’s right for you and your business and get 50% off your subscription here!

get ready for more leads

Missing any potential leads is not a fun game to play. But it could be an easier process to fix than you think. Review this audit and see where you can tweak your lead capture strategy to begin seeing a busier inbox! Not receiving as many leads for our side hustle as we want, is not a reflection of your business. Although self-doubt is easy to creep in, challenge yourself to look at your business with open eyes and think how to better place it in front of your ideal customer. They are out there and waiting for you!

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