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Freedom & Flexibility From Being A Virtual Assistant

June 21, 2023

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Start a virtual assistant side hustle and gain freedom and flexibility while working from home and earning extra income on the side!

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Are you looking for a side hustle idea that provides freedom, flexibility, and extra income? This may be just what you’re looking for. Meaghan Long of Meaghan Long Virtual Solutions is an expert inside the world of Virtual Assistants and is sharing her knowledge here. This episode is all about exploring a virtual assistant side hustle and seeing the opportunity it can provide.

Creating Your Virtual Assistant Side Hustle

Your virtual assistant side hustle can be the next step you take towards more income and career flexibility. And starting this side hustle doesn’t need to feel complicated. You want to identify a set of skills you can provide, price those skills, and marketing your services.

This side hustle allows you to work from home. It gives you the freedom of creating your own schedule. And of course working on the things you do best! If you’re looking to start a virtual assistant side hustle, tune into the full episode and download my free Side Hustle Starter Kit to get started!

Meaghan Long and My Virtual Solutions

Meaghan has built her businesses on the foundation of being of service to others. She loves hearing peoples why’s in business, builds out strategies, and systems, and offers coaching to bring her client’s vision to life.

Meaghan is a firm believer in not trading time for money and believes in the long game.
Currently, she has a team of three wonderful women on the VA side of her business that works with other human-centred business owners looking to create change in the world, and coaches women how to become virtual assistants. Explore Meaghan Long Virtual Solutions here.

Meaghan also offers an amazing coaching program for anyone looking to become a virtual assistant. Freelance To Freedom is Meaghan’s signature program that walks you through a proven road map in just 12 weeks to launch your Virtual Assistant services.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who is paid on an hourly basis for completely tasks remotely for another company. These tasks can include basic admin items or high-level project management items.

A virtual assistant is considered to be a contractor for the company. Therefore, they make their own hours and invoice clients for their time.

A virtual assistant largely will work with other online businesses, and/or solo-entrepreneurs. Common tasks for VA’s to complete can include social media posts and management, blog post writing, content calendar management, talent booking, scheduling, and more.

How Do You Start As A Virtual Assistant?

In this interview, I ask Meaghan how one begins as a VA. Meaghan explains the first place you want to start when considering VA work is to identify what it is you want to do.

Access your skills, your schedule, and desired income. There are many opportunities to overthink and overcomplicate this process. And this leads to many of us never truly getting our business off the ground.

There are so many VA opportunities around us. And as entrepreneurship grow, so does the need for virtual assistants.

Determining Your Skills

One of the first places you want to start as a virtual assistant is determining your skills. Ask yourself what it is that you want to do. What services do you want to provide? Is there anything you currently do well that you can add to your services?

Think outside the box here! It’s easy to not consider our talents. Especially if they come to natural to us.

Take some time to access what it is we do well inside our own lives, browse the various VA tasks that are currently out there on websites like, and began identifying your services.

Pricing Your Services

Inside this interview Meaghan also covers pricing. Pricing your services can be tricky. And it can feel odd. However Meaghan is giving us a clear and simple way to approach this.

Instead of going straight to an hourly amount, Meaghan instead presents two approaches of pricing per project and pricing per time. She also mentions things to take into consider like who we ideally want to work for.

There are pricing benchmarks you can use to begin. Plus, you can also examine other VA’s in a similar space for what they are charging.

To begin pricing your services, explore my $5 Pricing Sheets right here.

Promoting Your Virtual Assistant Work

The last step on your VA journey is to promote your services. And there are many options for this!

To promote your virtual assistant side hustle, you can begin by putting your services on websites like Then add your services to social media.

Post about what you do, who you do it for, and what value you can provide. Framing your services in a way to show what you can take off someone’s plate can prove to be highly effective.

Another way you can promote your services is through referral. A lot of entrepreneurs will have fellow entrepreneur colleagues and/or a database where they can promote your work. Set up an easy-to-use system for clients to refer you to another client.


To connect more with Meaghan, follow her on Instagram right here! Meaghan creates amazing content that will inspire and encourage your entrepreneurial journey.

And if you’re interested in launching your virtual assistant side hustle, look no further! Freelance to Freedom Coaching Program is a 12 week coaching program that show you how to launch and scale with heart centred strategy to become a booked out VA.

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Do you have an amazing business that's just waiting for the right audience to come along? Let me help you find them! Download my Free Lead Magnet Workbook right here!

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